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Our recipe for success?
Our successful recipies

Welcome to the beating heart of our factory: an ultra-modern kitchen facility extending over 400 square metres. We have no fewer than 16 chefs working here in three shifts. In the Jütro research and development department, new recipes from liquid stock and ketchup to creamy luxury mayonnaise are constantly being tried out, and improvements are made to the flavours of our existing range. One of our USPs is that we do not use starch or other thickening agents. The desired consistency is solely due to the ingredients.

When it comes to quality, we are our own harshest critic

Each of our products must pass muster with a test panel of chefs, food technicians and food technologists. Only when everyone is satisfied is the product given market approval.

Because every stage of the production process takes place at our own premises, we always have everything in view – and the opportunity for instant intervention if necessary.

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