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Locked-in flavour

We’ve been bottling the finest ingredients right from the start, but our recipes are anything but conservative. In addition to classics such as letcho and borscht, we also offer culinary delicacies such as our finely seasoned asparagus salads.

Andalusian-style asparagus salad

All jars can be sleeved.

Hanseatic-style asparagus salad

All jars can be sleeved.


Parisienne-style asparagus salad

All jars can be sleeved.

Tuscan-style asparagus salad

All jars can be sleeved.


Letcho is an originally Hungarian stew made from yellow paprika, tomatoes, onions and bacon. Our vegetarian Hungarian-style Letcho does not require any meat at all and, as a spicy-fruity vegetable garnish, brings a delightful dash of colour and taste to your plate.


Solyanka is a traditional Eastern European soup with peppers, onions and tomatoes. Its tart and spicy flavour makes an exciting change at mealtimes.

All jars can be sleeved.


Borscht is a soup that is very popular in Eastern and Central Europe. It is traditionally prepared with beetroot.

All jars can be sleeved.


Garlic not only adds the finishing touch to thousands of dishes, but also has many positive health-giving properties. Already peeled and chopped, our pickled garlic variations make this wonder spice available for immediate use in the kitchen.

All jars can be sleeved.

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