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Only the best for your own-brand products

Millions of consumers already know and love our products, even though they may have heard very little about us. This is because, in addition to our own Jütro label, a large part of our business is supplying own-brand products for major supermarket chains and discounters in Germany and abroad.

Whether you’re aiming to expand your product range with one of our classics, to get on board with consumer trends such as VEGAN and ORGANIC or to add a new speciality to your brand, our creative department is full of ideas that we are sure will be to your taste.

Leistungen Geschmack in Bestform Jütro Tiefkühlkost
Packaging –
Food enjoyment comes in different formats

Although we are totally uncompromising in matters of food quality, we are absolutely flexible when it comes to packaging. We can offer packaging/bottling in all shapes and sizes to suit the individual characteristics of your product. For this purpose, ultra-modern filling machines for small and large containers are available. Please contact us – we will be happy to advise you.

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Special orders –
Making good things outstanding

Quality calls for a great deal of finesse, such as cloth covers for lids or fancy labels. This is where we rely on the services of our longstanding partners at Elster Werkstätten aus Jüterbog who provide employment for handicapped people in our region. They carry out these special orders quickly, reliably and professionally.

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