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The roots ouf our success

The Jütro success story has its beginnings more than 100 years ago. On 1st May 1911, Richard Meyer and his wife Marie founded the Jütro cannery in Jüterbog. The finest long-life products have been canned and bottled there ever since, although the initial focus on forest fruits, mushrooms and cucumbers has shifted several times over the years and the current best-sellers are high-value gourmet items such as sauces, soups and stocks.

What started out as small family-run business has had to weather many ups and downs, but despite the Second World War, temporary bankruptcy and expropriation, the factory has survived and prospered to this day.

Even though the first Jütro factory was founded a long time ago, we are still proud of our roots, and we look to the future, confident in our family values and our exceptionally high quality standards.

Historie Wurzel des Erfolges Jütro Tiefkühlkost
  • 1911


    The company is founded

    On 1st May, Richard Meyer and his wife Marie found a cannery in Jüterbog for the processing of forest fruits.

  • 1936

    25th anniversary

    The business concept for the production of high-quality preserves proves successful. The factory building is upgraded and the premises expanded.



  • 1961


    50th anniversary

    The company is still a family-run business when it celebrates its golden jubilee in 1962 but is subsequently taken into part-ownership by the state. The GDR regime acquires a controlling interest while also facilitating necessary investments.

  • 1972

    Nationalisation of the family business

    The family business is expropriated by the state.
    Bernd-Richard Meyer retains responsibility for running the company in the role of general manager.



  • 1990


    The company is re-established as Jüterboger Konservenfabrik Richard Meyer GmbH

    After the political and economic upheavals of 1989, the canning factory leaves the collective combine in February 1990 and is now a legally independent company. On 1st April 1990, Jüterboger Konservenfabrik Richard Meyer GmbH is re-established.

  • 1996

    Foundation of Jütro Tiefkühlkost GmbH

    On 1st March, the company acquires a share of I.Schroeder KG. With the arrival of Michael Meyer, the fourth generation of the family resumes its principal role in managing business operations. The technology of the old factory undergoes a complete overhaul to increase processing capacity.



  • 2011


    100th anniversary

    Together with friends, customers, business partners, family and workforce, we celebrate the 100th anniversary of our company.

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