Gherkin specialities  

"Cucumber time? " – Be silly with us!
Besides producing tinned fruit and pickled vegetables,
we have specialised on processing gherkins.

We can deliver gherkins in nearly any size and form, from cornichons to gherkins in slices
to gherkins in natural sizes
, in 370 ml jars to 10 kg tins.
Our mustard and honey gherkins are cut from the big pickling cucumbers.
The medium-sized ones are used for our delicacy gherkins, and the smallest of all become
the zesty cornichons all according to traditional recipes which have delighted for decades.
Of course, all these tasty products are available throughout the year, cheating "cucumber time."
Naturally, we can modify recipes to your personal liking.
Also, according to your preference, you have the choice between producing under our trademark
or your own brand.